What services do you provide?
I provide my services for weddings, fashion shows, model shoots, sweet sixteens, batz mitzvahs, birthdays, anniversaries, parties, special days or nights and any occasion that may arise.
What forms of payment do you accept?
Cash, Check, Paypal.
Do you have a pricelist?
Yes, you can request a pricelist here
Are you available on my event date?
This will be determined after viewing my calendar of previously booked events. Contact me here and list your Event Date.
How far do you travel?
Yes, I will travel anywhere my services are required. Traveling in excess of one hour from my studio will result in an additional fee which will be predetermined at the trial or at event booking prior to the event.
How long does the applied makeup last?
The applied makeup lasts for approximately (12) twelve hours. This assures you of a long lasting look and a feeling of confidence that you will still look amazing in your photographs and videos.
What brand of cosmetic makeup do you use?
I use many different brands of makeup. Most commonly MAC, Makeup Forever, Nars, The Balm, Too Faced, Urban Decay, Chanel, Dolce Cabana or any makeup you prefer.

Where do the makeup trials occur?
The makeup trials take place in my studio or if more convenient for you at your location.
How far in advance do I need to set up a makeup trial?
The earlier the better prior to your need is best.
How long does a trial take?
A typical makeup trial requires approximately (1 1/2hrs) one and a half hours of our time together.
What occurs at a makeup trial?
At a makeup trial will will discuss the details and color scheme of your occasion. We will view magazines, photos and look through my portfolio of other occasions that have used my makeup services. We will discuss location, dates and times. Also whether or not additional parties will be requiring my makeup services. We of course will be applying the makeup we decide upon at the trial.
Do you provide hair styling service?
Yes, if required a member of my team may be matched to you and any member of your party.
What is dramatic makeup?
Dramatic makeup is a high pigment popping makeup look. This style of makeup is most commonly found in high fashion, model shoots, television weddings and parties. I maintain an extensive variety and supply of colors.
Do you do dramatic makeup?
Do you use natural colors?
Is the makeup used by you hypoallergenic?
What is high definition makeup?
High definition makeup is a lightly applied makeup while still concealing.
Do you stay at my event all day?
Yes, if requested by you.
What makeup look is appropriate for my occasion?
As a professional makeup artist together we can explore various makeup styles and applications that will best suit your particular needs.
Is there a minimum number of people required for your services?
Yes, I require at least one person (you), yet I can accommodate as many as you request.
What if I require makeup for a lot of people?
That’s okay! I have a team of makeup artists that can assist me if need be.
How long have you been a makeup artist?
I have been a certified professional makeup artist since 1996.
Why do I require a professional makeup artist?
You require a professional makeup artist because I have extensive knowledge of the event day and all it brings. I am able to minimize any stress you may have. I will promote your relaxation and establish a mutual trust. Most of all I know how to apply makeup properly.
What is airbrushing?
Airbrushing is a makeup application process that is applied with a machine that sprays a fine mist of makeup to the skin. This type of makeup application provides a smooth, flawless, lite feel and long lasting look to your skin. It is safe for all ages.
What is traditional makeup?
Traditional makeup is applied using a makeup brush. This style of application although with fantastic results does not have the longevity of the airbrush application style. This type of application will last approximately (4) four hours. In my practice I can combine the traditional style with the airbrush style to increase the lasting effect of the makeup application.
What are the pros and cons of airbrush makeup vs. traditional makeup?
Airbrush makeup typically lasts twelve hours as compared to four hours for traditional makeup. Airbrush applied makeup leaves a lite feeling flawless look to your skin. Traditional makeup is a slightly heavier look on your skin.
Is makeup applied before or after I am dressed?
Makeup is applied before your garment is put on. We also try to have the makeup completed prior to the photographers’ arrival.
Do you provide touch up service?
Yes, I provide touch up service on request.
Do you provide touch up service at the event location.
Yes, I provide touch up service at the event location on request.
Do you provide a makeup touch up kit?
Yes I can provide a touch up kit.
What is a makeup touch up kit?
A makeup touch up kit is a customized per person per occasion collection of items such as: Lipstick, lip liner, lip gloss, blush, translucent press powder and set-in spray.
What do I do about Eyelashes?
When it comes to lashes I help find something that is suitable for you. It’s like buying stockings, it has to fit you like a glove because you don’t want to feel uncomfortable during your event.Think about lashes as a style accessory, there is no one size fits all. I recommend a brand to you and encourage you to go to the MAC Cosmetics Store and try on different styles to get a feel for what you like. I then correctly apply them for you. I do have a small assortment of eyelash styles in stock but they may not be 100% suitable for everyone.
What do I do about Mascara?
At the trial I use a supplied waterproof mascara. On the day of the event my clients ask me if they should use their own mascara or pick up a new one. I leave that up to them, but I strongly recommend my clients to buy a fresh mascara for themselves as they tend to dry out over time.